David De Berry

Managing Director



David is an attorney, admitted in both New York and New Jersey. He also has a Masters in Tax Law (LLM, from New York University). David created the buyer-based Representations & Warranties insurance product, which is now the commonly used method for transferring risk in U.S. M&A. He also is credited with causing the US Treasury to revise its temporary regulations concerning tax insurance with respect to ‘”reportable transaction” reporting requirements. David was Vice President at The Hartford, in charge of all claim departments within Hartford’s financial products division (including D&O, E&O, LPL, Fidelity, EPL, Transactional Risk and GAP) and prior to this, established and ran The Hartford’s transactional risk underwriting unit. David formed Concord Specialty Risk in 2011 (which merged with Ryan Specialty Transactional Risks International and rebranded to Ryan Transactional Risk in 2023).